It seems like the whole world is talking about global CO2 emissions. This animation in real time speed of global fossil fuel CO2 emissions is going to blow your mind. It shows you just how massively the emissions are raising.

The global CO2 emissions are such a hot (no pun intended) topic that I could write a 10 page pamphlet and still not do it justice. I would have barely touched the surface of this issue.

I’m personally not some crazy activist who thinks the world is going to burn tomorrow. I also think a lot of people go about this from the wrong angle. There are these Friday demonstrations where kids don’t go to school, instead they protest about climate change. I mean that’s good for a month or so, but of course every kid is going to want to skip school in order to chill outside with his friends.

Also, climate change only works when the whole world is behind it. In Germany they’re closing one coal factory and shutting off nuclear power plants – without knowing how to generate electricity in the future. On the other hand they’re buying more electricity from the Czech Republic and France – for a higher price. These countries just open one nuclear power plant more and “the world” is worse than before.

And don’t let me get started on China and India. While in Europe they’re talking about 1-2 coal plants. China and India combined are planning the construction of over 1500 new coal factories. So yeah, there’s that.

The Global Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions in Numbers:

Global fossil fuel emissions over the years

Increase of global fossil fuel CO2 emissions.

These numbers are massive no doubt and they’re increasing as well, but that’s also because there are more people on our planet than ever before.

Here are some stats to put the growth of human mankind into some perspective:

  • 7,7 billion people
  • Kill about 50 billion chickens per year
  • They eat about 1,25 trillion eggs per year
  • Produce 317 million ton of meat.
  • Worldwide concrete mass may soon outweigh the mass of worldwide flora
  • If land vehicles like cars and trucks were animal, they would have the 3rd highest biomass on the planet. Only behind bacteria and earthworms. More than humans and ants combined

It’s only logical that our combined CO2 output is going to increase as well.

I also don’t want to sound like somebody who doesn’t give a damn and doesn’t care about future generations. I don’t own a car since 2 years and I rarely rent one either. But I have the luxury to live close to the city center and that I can work from every where – also from home. I try to keep my footprint as low as possible, without giving up too much.

But as I’ve said earlier, reducing the CO2 output and general care about the world is something EVERYBODY needs to be behind. Not just one single country on the forefront, while much bigger parts of the world don’t care that much about it. Yes, starting something is important – but as it is with a bicycle race. The guy up front only escapes the Peloton for so long – until everybody catches up. And if he’s not careful he’ll end up as the last.

More sources: Climate Change. Evidence & Causes. By The Royal Society