When I first read the headline of the “most dangerous celebrity” – I thought they might be talking about The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) or some other big dude, who you shouldn’t mess around with.

As I found out, The Rock isn’t that dangerous – at least if you don’t meet him in person (and even there he seems to be a super nice guy – but that’s a different story). No, instead you should be fearful of a little girl named Rory Gilmore from the “Gilmore Girls”.

Well to be perfectly clear you should watch out if you search for Alexis Bledel – the actress behind the girl from Stars Hollow.

Here’s the complete list of the Most Dangerous Celebrities of 2019:

  1. Alexis Bledel

2. James Corden

3. Sophie Turner

4. Anna Kendrick

5. Lupita Nyong’o

6. Jimmy Fallon

7. Jackie Chan

8. Lil Wayne

9.Nicki Minaj

10. Tessa Thompson

McAfee says it's dangerous to search for certain celebrities

But let’s go back to the initial question: What makes these celebrities so dangerous to search after in particular?

Especially Alexis Bledel doesn’t strike you as a target for criminals to attack. She was famous for her role as the innocent book worm Rory Gilmore in the TV-show “Gilmore Girls” or as shy, quiet Lena Kaligaris in the “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” movies. So what makes her the most dangerous celebrity to search after?

The dangerous part comes from the combined search of her name and the words “torrent” and “free download”. These searches often lead to rather unsafe websites with all sorts of issues, that might bring the person behind the search in trouble.

An additional, personal thought from me, is the fact that the term “Alexis Bledel” might be searched predominantly by young girls, who are not that aware of the potential danger some of these sites might hold.

Following this logic, it also means that James Corden is being searched by “easy to trick” people as well.

The bottom line here:

  1. Try to avoid visiting “unsafe” websites.
  2. Do not download any software/extensions from these websites.
  3. Watch different shows like “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia“. (j/k).

Let us know, who was your teen-crush on TV? For me, it was Elisha Cuthbert and Alicia Silverstone – hands down!