These days it’s next to impossible to tell whether an image was modified (photoshopped) or not. People are using Instagram filters on almost every video/photo they post. Companies make their models look how they want them to look. And now you’ll get to see 15 photos that haven’t been photoshopped (trust us, we checked them all manually) – but you’ll have a hard time to believe your eyes.

#1 Wooden fence perfectly divides this landscape picture

Hard to believe that this wasn’t photoshopped, right? But now we’re going to destroy your impression of this picture. Take a look at the top left corner. Do you see a bit of sky above the tree line? The image isn’t perfect anymore. Or maybe this imperfection is what makes it perfect in the first place! We love it!

#2 Admit it! You thought the pole made this image look like two different pictures!

Pole separates images, makes it look like two pictures

Copyright: morphdarko

We have to admit, we have been fooled by the pole as well!

#3 The cow without a body

Cow without a body

Copyright: sixfeetunder

Another great angle. Sometimes it’s the simple things you do, to make a picture look incredible cool!

#4 The splash of water looks like an Elephant head

Copyright: RailTieYardGame

Ok, somebody please tell me – what are the odds? You’re standing in front of an Elephant, you throw bucket full of water at him…and the splash looks like an elephant head. I wouldn’t believe this if I haven’t seen the forensic analysis of this image! See for yourself!

#5 Tree sump looks like mountains – little boy like a Giant

Tree stump looks like mountains

Copyright: AidonAsh15

My brain couldn’t comprehend this picture the first second looking at it. My brain was telling me, those are mountains. My eyes were saying how big is that person? After I read the headline it all made sense! It really showcases the power of photography and how the viewing angle changes a picture completely. My favorite in this collection of photos that haven’t been photoshopped!

#6 Four Windows – Four Seasons

Four windows four seasons

Copyright: pommiegurl130

Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn…this incredible picture makes it look like a four seasons appear at the same time. Just by one look outside the window. Ok, one could argue snow is missing in the first window, but that would make it “fake” in my eyes. Still a wonderful picture!

#7 The most unique cat on the planet

What a colorful cat

Copyright: drewsoulman

Colored glass makes this cat look like a unicorn from a Disney movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could talk and maybe had her own boots. This one is easy to understand from an observer point of view, yet it still makes for a pretty cool shot!

#8 A perfect rainbow, the moon and the sea!

A perfect rainbow, the moon and sea all in one picture

Copyright: nimo4749

I would say it’s very photographers dream to take a picture like this one. I’m pretty sure the odds are low for a natural wonder like this one to appear right in front of your lens. It’s like a Royal Flush of photography. All the stars (moons) have to align perfectly in order to create this magnificent view.

#9 The tallest bus ever

The tallest bus ever?!

Copyright: supercub

If you’re like, you thought: “Damn, how tall is this bus” and “how is this working?”. Well maybe you’re smarter than me and instantly noticed the building in the back – but I didn’t. Well, not until I glanced over the image for a 2nd time. If you’d try to create such an image on purpose, it wouldn’t work out in a million tries. Sometimes it takes luck and a coincidence to create a photograph like this one.

#10 Polished car door acts like a mirror

When you love your car

Copyright: tittzo

It’s pretty obvious the person who took this photography a) loves his car b) knows how to take a look picture. Again this was one of the shots where my brain didn’t understand what it was looking at. A road with some trees? But what’s up with the bottom part of the image. Really nice shot!

#11 Tree burning from the inside

Tree burning from the inside

Copyright: grown_man_poops

This is a bit of a sad image, as it’s always sad to see a tree burn, but the way the tree is burning is quite spectacular. The purple flames make it look extra special. Could be a scene from a Hollywood horror movie, don’t you think?

#12 The divided sky

Divided sky

Copyright: layzness

I can totally see a bunch of aliens coming from the left side. On the right part of the images Will Smith is waiting for them, with a big gun and black glasses.  Nature is able to produce wonderful images and we should all be thankful for it.

#13 Dog is on fire

Holi power makes dog look like he's on fire

Copyright: the_malociraptor

Let me assure you. The dog isn’t on fire, never was. But it sure looks like it, right? What you’re looking at, is a dog that participated in a Holi festival. Where people throw around packages filled with colorful dust. In this case the powder was orange and the lightning makes it looks like fire. Amazing!

#14 Reincarnation as an eagle

The reflection in the window makes it look like a person’s ghost is living inside this eagle. Oddly enough the ghost is also using an iPhone – Steve Jobs really did a good job on selling those. Even in the after life it seems like a hot seller. Hehe. Another amazing picture!

#15 Dog sitting on lava

Dog seems to be sitting on lava

Copyright: itsmeeerl

We wrap things up with another burning dog. Or maybe a dog that is sitting on lava?! It’s just the sun, but the reflection is certainly nice.

I hope you did enjoy these pictures and believe us that these photos haven’t been photoshopped! If you have taken a cool image, don’t hesitate and contact us to be featured on here.