It’s the year 2020. This means you can find a solution to almost every problem you have on the internet. Today I want to tell you about a website that offers pre-written emails for every occasion.

One might ask, what’s so mind-blowing about pre-written emails? Well, some of the examples listed on the website Canned eMails are pretty straightforward. Such as: 

Reschedule Appointment:

I’m very sorry – something has come up at the last minute.

I’m going to need to reschedule our appointment.

Let me know your availability. I will try to accommodate your schedule.

Again, sorry for the change of plans.

But that wasn’t what caught my attention. It was this text for a rather unique occasion:

Breaking Up With Someone:

I know this is inconsiderate for me to do by email, but I need to tell you something important, and it’s hard for me to say in person.

 I think we should see other people.

 This is a life decision I needed to make for myself. Please don’t take this upon yourself, wonder what you could have done differently, or think you’re less of a person because of this.

 You’re truly a great person, and I’ve sincerely enjoyed the time we’ve spent together. I don’t regret us being together at all. This is a decision I need to make, and I’m sorry if it hurts you. This is something I simply need to do.

 I hope this break will be amicable for both of us. If you’re upset, I understand. I hope you find happiness.

So what do we learn from this? Apparently, it’s not that uncommon to break up with someone using eMail (we don’t recommend this!) AND on top of that, we have the possibility to not only do it via the internet but also not use our own words (we don’t recommend this!).

But we feel there could be a use case for a lot of other pre-written emails and text snippets.

Apologize For A Bug/Issue:

I just saw your email. Yikes!

 I’m so sorry you’ve been having problems.

 I’m going to investigate what’s going on and get back to you.

 We’ll make sure this gets fixed ASAP.

 In the meantime, let me know if there’s anything I can do to make sure you have an awesome experience.

So if you have to deal with a lot of repetitive questions, issues and similar text go check out Canned eMails and use their pre-written templates.