Believe me, in the following list you’ll see things that your brain won’t understand. At least not within the first few seconds. This is what we call an optical illusion. But what exactly is an optical illusion?

Optical illusions are images or pictures that we perceive differently than they really are. Or in another way, optical illusions occur when our eyes send information to our brain which perceives those information as something completely different. It’s this moment where both pieces of information do not match and we “see” the optical illusion.

Here is a list of unbelievable and real photos that will certainly blow your mind. Once you’ve cast your eyes on them – whether they are a result of the photographer’s keen eye or a lot of patience. Let’s dive right in.

1. Smoking Isn’t Injurious To Health

optical illusion

For this perfectly timed photograph, you just have to have exceptional photography skills and a lot of patience. Or, this could be a mere coincidence. But, don’t just stop improving your photography skills and wait to be lucky one day. After all, practice makes the man perfect.

2. The Perfect Landscape


With just some simple props and a bit of imagination, you can even turn the moon into anything you like. This might look easy or petty to some, but you must agree that it’s still a pretty cool pic. Not everyone has this level of imagination.

3. Does This Bike Run On Green Fuel?


Oh, that’s pretty! Can you imagine a praying mantis riding two sprouting ferns? Well, you definitely don’t get to see this daily!

4. Explore The World Through Sink Hole


All right, here is another one that’s quite hard to believe. This is a draining sink, which you thought was an eye. If I’ve ever seen optical illusions in photos it was here! It was accidentally captured by Redditor named Liam.

5. Did You Really Think The Guy Was Moving The Car?


Believe it or not! It is not a photoshopped image. The photographer of this picture is just extremely talented. Not everyone has this kind of creativity, right?

6. A Man With The Head Of A Dog


This has to be funny, isn’t it? You don’t always see a man with the head of a dog. Just kidding, it’s just a perfectly timed photo of a man and his pet!

7. A Horse Inside A Horse


Have you ever come across a horse seated inside the mouth of another horse? Well, have a look now! This perfectly timed photo shows just that.

8. Dude, Just Turn Around! Will Ya?

optical-illusions 23

Hey, mate! Why aren’t you moving towards me? Wait, lemme just turn you around. ROFL!!!

For this picture, you really need to know the clever use of angles. The photographer makes this picture look like the man is being about to be picked up by the statue. And, we’re inclined to agree.

9. Bride With The Horse Legs


We can’t make fun of the bride, but this image says otherwise. Not every day you see such captures. Or do you? Some optical illusions in photos are better than others!

10. The Guy With a Girl Head

guy head

We bet this image has forced you to look twice. Isn’t it true? Well, to clear things out, this photo is of the boy being hugged by the girl from behind and not the other way round.

Optical Illusions in Photos – Part II

So, we reached half-time. I hope you didn’t scroll past those images too fast – otherwise you might have missed a gem or two! I don’t know about you, but my mind was blown when I saw a couple of those shots. It’s like my brain played a trick on me and I couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing there. But let’s continue on with 10 more crazy pictures!

11. Paint The World Blue

blue wall

We bet you couldn’t find anything strange with this picture at first, which made you look at it twice. Well, the man is just painting the board. It’s just a coincidence that the color of the paint matches the sky.

12. Woman On The Floating Carpet

flying carpet

Well, this isn’t some magic carpet floating around in the air! It’s just a woman standing on a wooden board on the beach, and the illusion is just a result of the shadow and perfect photography angle.

13. Pug Mimicking A ballerina


This is what we call the perfect picture. When do you see a pug dancing around like a ballerina? We bet you don’t see it too often!

For this, you also need an eye of a professional photographer and mind-blowing creativity.

14. Can You Take The London Eye and Go For A Bike Ride

bike illusion

Hats off to this man’s creativity! Have you ever thought you could do something like this with the Ferris wheel? Well, next time you go to an amusement park, don’t forget to take such a picture and show it to your friends.

15. The Haunting Owl


So, what do you think of an owl starring back at you from within the mug? Well, it’s not an owl. A guy just dropped a pair of Hula hoops into his coffee, and he got this.

16. The 6 Olympic Rings

olmpic rings

This is yet another example of perfect timing. This is a photo taken of the full moon rising through the Olympic Rings hanging underneath Tower Bridge during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

17. A Face Or Just Food

food dinner

What do you guys see – the face of a man or a dinner table? Well, if you look twice, you’ll see the face of a man entirely made from the items on the dinner table. Not everyone can do this, but the work done for this illusion is really incredible.

18. Amazing Leopard Illusion


Do you also see a leopard in this picture? Well, take a close look at it again. Still no clue?

Well, it’s a painting made on three guys with such precision that no one can deny the fact that it’s a real leopard? Aren’t you amazed? See for yourself in the image below.

19. The Beautiful Mermaid Look

Hey mate! What are you doing in my hood? Well, the fish knows how to photobomb like a pro and looked pissed as hell. What do you guys think?

20. Ant vs. Helicopter – The ‘Apocalypse Now’ Version

This is what we call the perfect timing. This extravagant picture of an ant and a helicopter taken simultaneously makes it the top pick for this optical illusion list.

Wait? You still want more? No worries we’ve got you covered, here’s another cool list of optical illusions.

Those have been our 20 best optical illusions in photos. I hope you did enjoy scrolling through them, as much as we did. Please let us know in the comments which image you liked the most and of course, if you have taken a similar, awesome shot, don’t hesitate and share it with us.